The planning and operational aspects of Saif Al Jabri's activity is carried out in different region of U.A.E.

The sound relationship that exist between the company and its workforce is one of the keys to our success. Strong ties between the company and its employees and between the employees themselves promote a co-operative ethic within the company.

Our business is dependent on good people and culture of the company is to treat each of our employees, customers and supplies honestly and fairly. Our management team has an excellent track record of relationship with employees, customers, supplier and professional within the industry.

Equally, our relationship within the industry give us access to the most skilled architects, engineers, subcontractors and surveyors.

Providing employees with conditions that encourage them to do better and with career development opportunities lies at the core of Saif Al Jabri's human resources policies and practices.

In its relationship with its employees, Saif Al Jabri is always aware of the principles of mutual respect , confidence, honesty, justice and equality, irrespective of believes, culture and nationalities.


The company is well equipped with basic and necessary machine, plant and vehicle. As such, excavator, D8, Shovels, Trailers, 6 Wheels, pickups, 3 ton pickups, water tanker, grader, JCB, bobcats and other yard equipment. Other tools and equipment such as compactors, jack hammer, rollers, scaffolds and other related utensils are also available. Indeed other equipment are made available to our project sites on hire for other specific works.

Our continual investment in technology allows us to ensure that communication is fully realized across all disciplines and areas of responsibility.

We can provide and retaining the best and most qualified resources in the construction industry, we can provide significant value to project that require value engineering and complex problem solving.

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